Reason 500 Chango is one of my close friends.

  • Chamas: Haley, you are beautiful and worth it.
  • Me: you don't count, but thanks chango
  • Chamas: I understand. I'm just gonna send a bunch of guys to your classes with flowers to tell you that, you can take your pick outta them.
  • Me: yessss, so many guys with flowers complimenting me!

Hour talks with Chango, he the real MVP. I miss him so much!

I have met one guy that can be intimate with me sober and lay all night long and tell each other our deepest secrets, our biggest fuckups, or beliefs and how even though we both know it means nothing, how we believe in each other. That guy has been out of my life since July 11th 2014 and I wish, I just wish he wasn’t the way he was and I wish he could commit but he can barely maintain friendships. But he was the most honest and most real and uplifting guy I have ever met and I wish it could be different. He fought for my friendship even though he knew he couldn’t keep it, it isn’t in his nature. But it’s evenings like this I miss calling him and having him make that 30 minute drive to tell me his ambitions and to listen to me laugh and sing to country songs….

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Talking to Marc made my day so much better and almost brought me to tears because I know the things he says to me are from his heart. I loveeee talking to Al, she is literally the lesbian version of me. I love my sisters to the moon and back. Chamas wants to came see me later and spend some much needed time together. Chris is fucking hot, how did I miss him in toledo?! At least he’s back in dearborn again too. Nate’s a little bitch but he makes me laugh. And dude if this guy wants to take me to a lions game I’m in. And big little week is next week! I must say, I truly cannot complain much today :) and I have a beautiful Julia and Mary anne to always make me laugh

I feel like sobbing. I’m trying to accept this silence and move on. This guy wants to take me out to a lions game but I still feel so fucking empty it’s so fucking stupid. And this guy from ut is back in dearborn for a semester and wants to talk but even that doesn’t make me happy. But I don’t know why I’m hung up, goodnights ended weeks ago same with beautiful, cutie, etc.

I could talk to every guy I know yet I still feel empty.

The more I think about it, I really think I loved chad. How twisted that he hurt me so much.

Ah yes. The longer the silence the less I want to interact with you. Good.

It’s hard to see someone you like be so attached to a girl other than you and for things to just stop being how they used to be. And it’s another dagger when you find out the other person you’ve tried to move on from is talking with his ex again. I have to accept that I’m going to be alone in life cuz literally everyone is better than I’ll ever be.